Uncontrolled diabetes


Uncontrolled Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition that can go undetected for a long time and often it is already late when the patient visits doctor. Type II diabetes can be silent and slow. If you have history of diabetes in your family, or you are pregnant, have body mass index more than 25, it is wise to check your blood sugar level on a regular basis.

Patients of uncontrolled diabetes (ketoacidosis and nonketotic hyperglycemia) can have severe health complications associated or otherwise of diabetes mellitus. They need physicians and nurse who understand pathophysiology of the condition and offer treatment accordingly.

When you have uncontrolled diabetes you can have several symptoms.

  • Irregularity in bladder and bowel movement – Diabetes affects your nervous system and since your bladder and bowel movements are regulated by the nerves it becomes difficult to control. It can lead to bladder infection, diarrhea or constipation.
  • Hearing loss – Diabetes can interfere with hearing ability. Deafness becomes more likely in patients with diabetes than non-diabetic patients.
  • Periodontitis – It is a severe form of gum disease. High level of glucose in blood cause gums to bleed, pull back and create a pocket around your teeth. It can lead to loss of teeth.
  • Vision impairment – Diabetes leads to poor eyesight. It can affect retina that eventually causes blindness. Diabetes can also worsen your condition if you have cataract and glaucoma.
  • Skin infection – Diabetes affects the blood vessels that supply blood to the skin as a result your skin would be dry, and itchy. It increases chance of fungal and bacterial infection.
  • Numbness in limbs – High blood glucose level damages the walls of the nervous system. It results in disrupting signals in limbs, especially foot, causing numbness, burning pain, tingling etc. It can affect one’s ambulation.
  • Muscle cramps – It is a common complaint in patients with uncontrolled diabetes.

Once you are detected with uncontrolled diabetes it is very important to stay under constant care of doctor. Dr. Sumanth Specialty Clinic is one stop solution for patients seeking international standard diabetic treatment. We have Dr Navya B S , who is a Fellow in Diabetology  with widespread experience in treating acute diabetes. The doctor will help you in controlling your sugar levels and achieve a balance between your diet, lifestyle and medication.

We have taken a modern approach in treating diabetes mellitus. The overall number of patients with diabetes has grown significantly which has made it important to change approach of treatment that will help patients to lead a normal life with the condition.