Surgery for Deafness

Surgery can be a solution for treating deafness. Deafness is a disability that affects one’s hearing abilities. It can be a condition suffered at birth or one may lose hearing abilities later due to illness, accident or for some other reason.  Modern surgical procedure has made it possible to correct hearing disability and restore hearing in patients. In Dr. Sumanth Specialty Clinic we have performed advanced level deafness corrective surgeries on hundreds of patients. We have a highly qualified and experienced surgeon, D Sumanth T J  to perform various  surgeries for deafness.

Today there are alternatives available to people with hearing disability. Modern minimum invasive technique of surgery has helped surgeons to perform surgeries in complex areas of ear without making external incisions.  It ensures minimal pain and blood loss in patient and expedites recovery. 

Cochlear Implant: The cochlear is replaced with an electronic device to aid hearing. The device has two parts – the internal part is placed inside the ear during surgery and the external apparatus is attached once the healing part is complete. After surgery,the implant takes over the function of the ear and transmits sound directly to the hearing nerve and further to the brain.

Myringotomy Surgery: This is a procedure to remove fluid from the middle ear. An incision is made in the ear drum through which a tube is inserted to pump the fluid out. It may reduce pressure and pain in the ear and helps improving hearing.

Stapes Surgery: The stapes or one of the three small bones present in the ear is removed and replaced with a prosthetis made of Teflon in most cases. This surgery is performed on patients suffering from irregular growth of stapes bones. The patient has a noticeable hearing improvement on the table itself .

Tympanoplasty: This surgery involves repairing eardrum, repair the ossicles or eliminate infection from mastoid bones. It is done on outpatient basis, i.e. the patient is normally released after the surgery and doesn’t need a hospital stay.

Endoscopic surgeries have allowed doctors to have a better view and access to the recesses of complex middle ear sections. During the process a tiny camera is inserted through the ear canal. The reflections are then captured in a screen that gives doctors a detail view of the affected area. Surgeries are performed with special instruments.

We have the experience of treating hundreds of patients with degrees of hearing loss in our state-of-art clinic.