Microlaryngeal surgery for voice disorders


Micro Laryngeal Surgery for Voice Disorders

Microscopic surgery for correcting voice disorder has become significantly popular. Minimal invasive technique is widely used in correcting problems with larynx. The larynx is located at the front of our neck and helps us to breath, speak and swallow. Anomalies in larynx can affect any or all of its functions. The traditional surgery procedure of larynx was cumbersome; causes significant blood loss and has a prolonged recovery process.  Microscopic voice surgery is considered an improved method in treating larynx related ailments. It is also used in removing benign tumors, cysts, granulomas, lesions or any other abnormal growth in larynx.

Microscopic laryngeal surgery is a non invasive process. It is performed using a device called laryngoscope which is a tubular device and it is placed in patient’s mouth and then directed towards the larynx area. A microscope is attached to the tube which allows surgeons better view and navigation. Specially designed tiny instruments are used in performing the surgery. In Dr. Sumanth Specialty Clinic we have Dr Sumanth T J with vast experience in performing microscopic, minimal invasive surgeries.

What makes micro laryngeal surgery a preferred choice?

Micro laryngeal surgery is preferred for many reasons such as –

  • It is non invasive technique
  • It allows better view and navigation
  • Minimize bleeding and pain
  • Has quicker recovery period
  • Can be performed on removing non-malignant tumors
  • Allows incredible accuracy and precision
  • Only the affected area is treated leaving the remaining laryngeal structure intact


Recovery procedure

We normally don’t recommend hospital stay to patient. After the surgery the patient will be monitored for few hours and then released on the same day. The recovery process is short and quick and the patient can return to normal life in few days.  It may cause some discomfort and the patient needs some time to adjust. Our doctors will prescribe medicine to expedite recovery process.

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