Laser tonsillectomy


Laser Tonsillectomy

Tonsillitis is a common occurrence both in adults and children. The result of the issue can vary on the scale of mild to severe. In adults it can cause fever, swollen glands and interfere with swallowing and speaking where children can have complains of respiratory tract infections, large adenoids, ear pain and hearing loss. Tonsillitis can often lead to other health issues like joint pain, bowel problems, lethargy, severe fatigue and Myalgic Encepahilits (ME).

Your doctor will be able to tell whether your problem can be resolved with medication or you need tonsillectomy. The modern laser treatment for tonsillectomy has made it possible for doctors to perform the surgery with minimum blood loss. It is also a solution for patients against of minimum blood infusion. In our state-of-art establishment in Dr. Sumanth Specialty Clinic, we extensively perform laser tonsillectomy surgeries using the latest technologies. This process helps in removing tonsillitis tissues more effectively than traditional process. It is the preferred method for children as it minimize pain and bleeding and has shorter recovery time.

Tonsillectomy for children

It is one of the commonly performed surgeries in children. Laser technique is used in children over eight years of age.  It is performed as day care service. There is no requirement of hospital stay. We have a f highly qualified ENT surgeon,Dr Sumanth T J  with several years  of experience. Local anesthesia is injected at the base of the tonsil at the end of the surgery so that they wake up without pain. It helps them to settle down with the situation faster.

Laser Tonsillectomy for adults

Adult laser treatment is used for both tonsillotomy and tonsillectomy. Tonsillectomy is complete removal of tonsil and is performed under general anesthesia. The patient is normally kept under observation for six hours post operation and then released. 95% of the tonsil can be removed by this technique and there is no requirement for recurring treatment. There is pain after surgery which can last for upto seven days post operation. Our doctors will prescribe you painkiller to keep the pain low.

Laser treatment patients feel less pain and have shorter recovery period. One can go back to work after forty eight hours of surgery.

We have performed laser tonsillectomy on hundreds of patients, including pediatric patients with great success.  Dr. Sumanth Specialty Clinic has ensured that modern medical treatment can be availed in India as well.