Diabetes in Pregnancy

Diabetes is a condition where glucose level in the blood exceeds the normal range. It can lead to several health issues but is particularly dangerous if you are pregnant or planning to conceive. Diabetic pregnancy is considered high risk. High blood sugar level is dangerous for your baby as well as for you.

Diabetes can be an existing condition or can occur during pregnancy. Every seven in hundred women develop diabetes during pregnancy. Gestational diabetes, as the condition is called, normally develops during pregnancy and corrects itself after delivery. But it increases risk during gestation and your chances of developing type 2 diabetes later. The child also develops risk of obesity and diabetes.

What to do if you are already diabetic

If diabetes is an existing condition in you the best way is to control blood sugar level even before you plan pregnancy. Diabetic women need constant monitoring during gestation period. Regularly checking and taking controlling measures are the best policy. Some steps that you must consider are the following,

  • A diet plan according to your Diabetologist – Dr Navya B S
  • It is important to stay active and do appropriate exercises.
  • Testing and monitoring blood sugar level at regular intervals
  • Taking medicines as instructed

High blood sugar level can particularly affect your baby during the first few weeks of pregnancy.  It passes to the fetus through the mother and increases blood glucose level even before birth. Too high level of glucose can lead to a condition called Polyhydroamnios, which can be life threatening. If you develop Polyhydroamnios at the later stage of your pregnancy the doctor may suggest surgery for delivering the baby early.

What to do during gestational diabetes

For diabetic moms keeping the baby safe is very important. If you develop gestational diabetes and have particularly high blood pressure level it can affect your baby adversely during the first state of pregnancy. It is very important to work closely with your healthcare team during this phase.

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