Complicated fevers


Complicated Fevers

Fevers can be a common occurrence or it can pose serious health threats. Fever is a condition of elevated body temperature. It is often accompanied by headache, shivering, body ache etc. Fever isn’t a disease in itself but occurs when the body’s immune system attempts to fight an infection. However, if the body temperature rises too high then it can become a serious issue. Fever during pregnancy, malaria, and typhoid are some examples of complicated fever.

Fever during pregnancy – During pregnancy you need to be extra careful. Even mild fever during pregnancy would call for immediate medical attention. Running fever can harm the baby in your womb. Fever and chills during pregnancy isn’t normal. Your doctor can determine the exact reason of the fever. Chorioamnionitis is a condition where a bacterial infection occurs in the membrane surrounding the fetus. If this condition occurs your doctor will prescribe antibiotics or may decide to deliver the baby early. Some other serious causes are like – septic abortion, Listeria etc. If you are running high fever during pregnancy visit your doctor without delay.

  • Malaria – One common symptom of malaria is recurring fever. Whether or not your symptoms are associated with malaria would need lab test to determine but if the fever occurs in a cycle check with the doctor immediately.
  • Dengue hemorrhagic fever – Dengue is caused by infected mosquito bites and high fever is often one of its symptoms. However, fever isn’t the only symptom. It is often associated by body ache, vomiting, and loose stool. If you too are suffering from similar symptoms and are living in an area with high number of reported cases you must see a doctor at the earliest.
  • Typhoid – Typhoid is often associated with fever. The patient may run high fever when there is intestinal bleeding or hole. The content of the intestine leaks into the abdominal cavity which can result in very high temperature in the patient.

Above we have discussed a few reasons of complicated fever but there can be other causes too. If you have frequent occurrences of fever consult your doctor without delay.

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